Safe for your guests and businesses


What does that mean? 

Hypoallergenic means, unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Our Flowers leave our factory bagged and treated to be 100% scent free for a safe and conscience experience by truly all. We eliminate all-allergies, viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria with our special UV light treatment, 100% safe on our environment.   


Restaurants & Bars

How can BloomInGo Flowers help your business.

Our product was designed as a solution for businesses that are trying to increase their revenue with no risks to their business. We were able to achieve that and much more, with our paper flowers.  With BloomInGo Flowers, your business will be carried to new places. 

What will BloomInGo Flowers bring to your table? 

Excellence, appeal, company, elegance, grace, respect, love, understanding, charm, caring, atmosphere, eye candy and delight, a museum composition on each table, and so much more. 

Our flowers are a center piece to talk about-and can be taken home by guests. 


In doing this, customers that come to your business can hold on to a memory from the time of their visit to your establishment. 

Customers and guests will be enticed and clutch on to their BloomInGo Flower.

They way it works 

Simply Place on each table one BloomInGo Flower, and that is it. 

At the end of each visit, when the guest/s ask for their bill, all that needs to be asked is: "Would you like to hold on to your flower?"

If guests choose to hold on to their BloomInGo Flower then a fee would be added to their bill, and everyone is happy. 

Should the guests choose not to then flowers can be re-used for a new setting ready to capture the next moment, with absolute no loss to product, experience or expenses.

We suggest to price our flowers from $3 to $5  for the best results.  

If you are busy or have a stream of customers, this can generate a huge impact on your earnings. 

Our consignment program in Portland, Oregon. 

Select restaurants in the Portland metro area do not have to put anything up for our product, we will supply you with what you need based on request/tables, and only charge you for what was sold, what you do not sell we will take back, 100% guaranteed.

Risk and waste free


We got custom sports team themes to help your fans celebrate in just the right way, with our flowers in hand. We can also customize a special BloomInGo Desire Menu that corresponds with your own menu order spread. 

Please contact us directly for more information regarding this unique opportunity in your establishment. 


One of the most obvious benefits of offering merchandise in restaurants and bars is the financial gain. If you have a large following of loyal customers, merchandise can be a major source of income.