how is BloomInGo Flowers Hypoallergenic, and what does that mean?

BloomInGo Flowers are Hypoallergenic because, they do not generate any allergic reactions, nor any scent, and that they are treated in case of any contamination, cross contamination or contact with any undesired, attached or attracted germ or reaction. 

BloomInGo Flowers come from our factory to you allergy free, ready to be used and friendly. 

*Please not BloomInGo Flowers out of their packages might get exposed to dust and/or other elements. 

Hypoallergenic means,  it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction*.

Our Flowers leave our factory bagged and treated to be 99.99% scent free, and allergy free, for a safe and conscience experience by truly all. we eliminate all, allergies, viruses, germs, mold, acarid, parasite, HFMD, food fungus, cold virus, mycoviruses and bacteria, by our special natural and UV light treatment, 100% safe on our environment.   

Do I need to water or air my BloomInGo flowers?

 No you do not need too, BloomInGo Flowers are totally dependable and sustainable. they are always ready to present at the right moments.  

Please Do not expose your flowers to water or rain. 

Will my BloomInGo Flower change or blemish in time?

Your BloomInGo Flowers are your to keep and enjoy for ever.  Your flowers will not change in direct sunlight or by temperature. Water is the only substance we ask you to keep away from  your flowers.  

What do I do If my flower changed shape?

No worries, your flowers will come back to life in no time, time after time. please re-crush layer by layer, starting with the center of your flower. once all the layers have been re-crushed , rotate each layer at an angle, so that all of your layers are shown and none is hidden. 

please note, that your last layer in your flower should not rotate.  

For best results, please be gentle with your flower and try several times, till you achieve desired look.  

I have a question, and I couldn't find an answer listed here?

We would love to hear from you, and help you. 

Please feel free to contact us in any means you wish, and one of our BloomInGo family will respond right back. 

What if, I am not happy with my flowers?

We are not happy if you are not happy too. it is important that this product brings you joy, if for any reason at the time of purchase or if you have received our flowers with in 30 days of purchase and not happy with our product for any reason, we will refund you the full purchase price at the time of the sale. 

We only ask you to answer us a few questions in order for us to improve our product in the future. 

We build on seeing you again, and again. 

Please refer to our Return and Exchange page for more information. 

do you sell or supply vases for BloomInGo Flowers?

No we do not. all of our vases and accessories in our photos are intended only as photo props and for display only purposes. 

can you customize BloomInGo wedding

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Will stands be provided for outlets to display your product?

Outlets are free to choose which every means in presenting our product, that fit them best.  

At BloomInGo we differ from constituting 

What do you mean by saying your flowers are museum quality?

Sustainability refers to social, environmental, and economic factors that organization addresses to provide value not only to consumers and guests but also to the world. 

Can i travel with BloomInGo Flowers on a plane, cruse, or bus?

Yes, you are very much welcome to do so. our BloomInGo Flowers are hypoallergenic, and will go where no flower can go, on a plane, cruise, train, bus, bike, and even to space* (BloomInGo's can be placed in cars).  Our flowers are within the regulatory requirements for safe travel by FAA, FMC, TSA,FTA, PD's, and all MIL branches. 

Why are Bloomingo flowers Scentless?

Mainly because there is a growing number of people with fragrance allergies or sensitivities that may have mild to severe health consequences because of fragrances or scents. 

At BloomInGo Flowers we respect everybody's choices, by not adding and by treating our flowers to be 99.99% scent free. So that not only our guest can enjoy our flowers, but everyone around them as well.  

Guests are capable to any fragrance they may desire to our flowers after purchasing them.  

*Please refer to our return policy 

Please note that, some fragrance may have alcohol or other harmful substance in them to papers, that might lead to discoloration. 

Why do you offer 10 days only for a full refund on open products and not 30 days to return?

Due to the demand on constructed and limited sets of our flowers, the window of sale for sets are with in its group release, and not after.  Our flowers are very unique, hot and limited in numbers per set made, we thrive for our flowers to be enjoyed and loved by everyone. 

Why is your consumer and business return policy not the same.

We value all our customers alike. 

Customers and their guests may enjoy our BloomInGo Flowers immediately, or with in a reasonable amount of time. 

Businesses carry our products for their guests to enjoy as in when needed, we support and trust our business partners decision over our product while in their possession at their establishment. 

Are Bloomingo flowers safe to be around pet?

Yes, they are absolutely safe for your and any's companion and friends pet, we are 100% pet friendly. 

why does a website like yours have a soft opening?

 The soft opening for our BloomInGo is because we started running our website as we are building, and adding to it. Some glitches, rough, and unedited work may appear temporarily.  A Grand opening announcement will be publicly published for all to know, once out site is finely tuned, soon.