Paying It Forward


need not to be forgotten, because you and I are just one.

Our ReFlower Program

From our very start at BloomInGo, we have promised to give back, from what we have gained. 

BloomInGo Flowers will give 2 sets of 12 flowers each month to two of Portland Oregon's homeless in need. Our only request: That flowers not be given out at a set price but rather in exchange for a donation from those interested in providing support to the most in need

How will we make the change

At BloomInGo we believe that we are all one, and that no soul should be left to that dispirit need for help, especially if any wants to help them selves or situation. 

From each ReFlowered bouquet handed-out , seekers will able to transport, eat and bed down for at least a day of needed rest, from what they have gained with smiles, love and support.

After the first free given set, entrepreneurs will be given the freedom to continue being part of our ReFlower Affairs, by being able to purchase our ReFlowers at a fair discounted price designed specifically to their needs and situation, in order to continue helping all people, and our city, in their causes and their needs.  

To our community

Please help those in need. 

If you do happen to see any in need, with any of our BloomInGo Flowers or ReF/owers, Please encourage them, just at least with some kind words, they have earned that. 

Soon you will have the option to purchase a ref/ower bouquet, to be given out to the streets to someone in need, in your name. 

Thank you for consideration, and your help. 

you can help the least by telling a friend.

Please do, it will help.  

Not in Portland, no problem, we can for sure help you, your community and your city. 

Please ask us for more information.

Businesses & organizations

We at BloomInGo Flowers promise to purchase back our used flowers after any event, if wished. In order to be used for our ReF/ower program, to help thoses in need.  

You can choose the city you wish to help.

Our city and state

Thank you for keeping Oregon beautiful 

What we are thriving for is a healthy change in behavior and to help those who want to help themselves.  

We at BloomInGo Flowers ask that all participants, members and/or volunteers to always respect and follow our city and state ordinance, and to always be respectful and thoughtful of all personal official or nonofficial at all times while representing BloomInGo Flowers and/or our ReF/owers (ReFlower) program. 

We only ask from our city, its officials, and our guardians is to bare with us, and to help us at BloomInGo Flowers with our ReF/ower Affairs vision. 

Little by little we are trying to change the behavior of our streets, with love, care and respect as our key to the heart of the city of Portland beautiful Oregon.

We Can ReF/ower Your City

Please ask us how you can help