Research consistently links indoor flowers with wellbeing. Park and Mattson in 2008 confirmed what visitors to sick people have known intuitively forever. They found that patients in hospital rooms brightened with flowers needed less postoperative pain medication, had lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates, were less anxious and tired, and generally were in a more positive psychological state than patients in rooms without flowers.

Hospitals & Clinics

How It Works


Our leasing program.

Clinics and Hospitals have the option of leasing our BloomInGo Flowers. you do not have to waist money no more on life flowers, not to mention all the elements in which they might need or bring to your establishment, such as liability, maintenance, labor, gel, foam, water, headaches and so on and so forth needs. 

With BloomInGo, just choose your need as to quantity, and we will ship you your flowers. 

Every month we will send you the same quantity of flowers to replace the set you already have with a different set of colored flowers.  a return label will be supplied with each BloomInGo box, to be re-used in sending back the replaced set of flowers for the month.  

Please note, that you do have the options to choose your colors and themes if wished, based on quantity. 

Themes for clinics and Hospitals may include children, cancer awareness, rainbow, and clam warm welcoming colors. we have the capability of customizing our flowers to any theme or colors you may wish. 

Gift Shops

Do guest ask you for flowers? 

BloomInGo Flowers are hospital & clinic friendly, because BloomInGo's are a hypoallergenic product, and can go where no flower can go.  

Not only can you retail BloomInGo flowers, but Lease it as well, for pure profit* Please ask us how. 

Our product can allow Guest to lease BloomInGo Flowers for the duration of stay at the hospital in their room for a fee set by you.  If for any reason the flowers we not returned or damaged, guests will be charged full price for any rejected or lost flower, plus you get to keep the rental service charge to your self every time.      

No flower can say its a boy, its a girl, we love you and get well soon like a BloomInGo bouquet of flowers.

BloomInGo Flowers come in series of 3 flowers per set in the each box, each box consist of 12 dozen of flowers. Staff members will be able to accommodate any guest wishes in any sizes bouquets requested on site, with ease. our series come in arrangement of variations from SM 3 flowers, M 6 flowers, LG 9 flowers, to XL 12 flowers. 

BloomInGo' Flowers are light in weight and can be handled and stored with ease.  

There is no investment risk or lose involved with our product.* please ask us how. 

You will be remembered by loved ones and guests for presenting them with BloomInGo Flowers forever, and ever. 


BloomInGo Flowers are designed to not only save you money, but to make you money. 

This Product sole purpose is to bring unintended profit to businesses, to maximize their revenue. 

Real Testimonials

  "BloomInGo Flowers made me feel loved and at home, when I was all alone " U.S. Army Veteran, Staff Sargent Vaught, Lawrence.  

For FAQs

Please refer to our Q & A (questions and answers) tab. If your question was not answered, displayed, satisfactory, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us direct thru our site, we would love to hear from you.