BloomInGo Flowers are the perfect fundraiser tool for any cause

Schools, events, groups, organizations, rallies, races, gatherings, assistance, awareness programs, financial endowment, charity, aid, support, marathons, plus so much more. 


BloomInGo Flowers will eliminate all wasted expenses that trails a normal flower, and most promotional items and gifts. 

With our flowers you will be able to control, handle, store, and distribute our goods with absolute ease.

With BloomInGo Flowers there are no hidden or waist cost to your business or organization, such as watering, cleaning, stains, refrigerating, equipment, tools, transportation, multi-ordering, availability, reliability, unreliable pricing, labor, waste of goods and or resources of any kind, not to talk about liability.  

Our product is hypoallergenic, memorable, elegant, durable, sustainable, consistent, eye candy and delightful, light weight, easy to carry and handle, with absolute no waste in effort, or expense. 

BloomInGo Flowers are Hypoallergenic 

Because, they do not generate any allergic reactions, nor any scent, and that they are treated in case of any contamination, cross contamination or contact with any undesired, attached or attracted germ or reaction. 

BloomInGo Flowers come from our factory to you allergy free, ready to be used and friendly. 

*please not BloomInGo Flowers out of their packages might get exposed to dust and/or other elements. 

Hypoallergenic means,  it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction*.

Our Flowers leave our factory bagged and treated to be 99.99% scent free, and allergy free, for a safe and conscience experience by truly all. we eliminate all, allergies, viruses, germs, mold, acarid, parasite, HFMD, food fungus, cold virus, mycoviruses and bacteria, by our special natural and UV light treatment, 100% safe on our environment.

to Those who care, thank you


“As a school leader, I am very aware of the fact that the funds allocated to us from our various sources [federal, state, and local funding] often fall short of what is needed in order to provide all of our students the very best academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. As a result, we have to look beyond the normal sources of income to meet any deficiency that may exist.”  –Steven Puckett, Principal at Harrisburg Elementary in Fort Mill, SC

“Schools need money to purchase upgrades to their technology, playground equipment, special needs items, as well as provide teachers with funding to make their classroom student-ready. It also is a great way to get kids and their families involved in the school.” –Stephanie Provo, PTO President, Birnham Woods Elementary, Spring, TX


The Scouts

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs


We all love our scouts, and will always stand behind them, but not everyone now days can consume sugar as we use to in the old days. 

Unsold goods are a headache in the past. 

BloomInGo Flowers are the perfect solution for a magnetized anticipation by all, 

with love, for your cause.

BloomInGo are Hypoallergenic and scent free for your and others comfort and respect. 

Our product is light, very durable, safe, reliable, allergy free, storable, unexpirable, fun, and is enjoyed truly by all. 

With BloomInGo Flowers not only can you have a variety of colors to pick from including your favorite or what represents you, but themes, and organization colors can be achieved with ease with us. 

BloomInGo Flowers can be a collectors item from year to year, with a specialty flower that stands above the rest year after year. 

Cookies are sweet, but there is nothing sweeter then giving a flower, as a treat. 


Please contact us to talk about how we can help you 

we would love to hear from you, help and 

see you earn a badge 

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs


It is not easy what you do, but you make it look easy, with a smile. 

We at BloomInGo admire, and cherish you very much for all your efforts, dedication and much more.  

Thank you, for all what you do 

We are here to serve you

There is absolute no more waist

with BloomInGo Flowers

you can order what is needed ahead to be delivered straight to any event, what is leftover, used or not used, can be reused in another event, given as a commemorative favor, or stored away for another day over and over again.  Our product is truly stunning, fun and guest can get to enjoy and hold on to them for ever if they or you wish to, guests generally all do (we are talking about guests truly loving the experience).  Our BloomInGo's are light, very elegant, fun, convenient, portable, storeable, sustainable, durable, safe, hypoallergenic, scent free, strong yet genteel, kind, soft, very welcoming, and above all has value in it, not only that can be seen, but felt from close or far.    

BloomInGo is charming, captivating and very engaging by all. 

Not only will you love BloomInGo Flowers for your cause, But everyone will love that you did. 

We Got your colors in its shades. 

Our motto is "Uniting people in all colors" 

We are here to truly support all of your causes and colors. 


Awareness Programs

Comfort & remembrance


Our BloomInGo Flowers will bring in much needed assistants, with love, joy and lots of smiles guaranteed, while preserving a healthy and conscious environment to your school. 

School fundraising is done for a variety of reasons. Most of it is done with the help and involvement of parents, teachers and students alike.

A School of BloomInGo's

 Schools fundraising with BloomInGo Flowers will get the edge needed to help any institution collect finances for various purposes such as improving infrastructural facilities or new uniforms for the school sports teams or band or any other similar activity, fast with our product. School fundraising with BloomInGo is not only hot, fun, safe, and a brilliant way of getting a difficult goal met, but an exciting, memorable, and very interactive experience .  It is an extraordinary encouragement getting to see mass colors of student choices of BloomInGo Flowers. 

Why Not show your colors once a week

Students do not have to choose a color once or twice a year to stand out, but now students and faculty members can express how they feel that day, week or period thru their choice of colored picked BloomInGo Flower that best represents how they feel, from a set of our BloomInGo's Aura Flora Menu ©.  

(please refer to our BloomInGo's Aura Flora Menu© for reference and more details). 

 Students, and faculty members will be able to observe, care, and engage with one another, accordingly to our BloomInGo Flower menu representation of various personal moods, which will lead to a healthier bond between student body, faculty members and all.   

Did we mention that BloomInGo Flowers are Hypoallergenic and Scent Free

for the safety and respect of all 

participants and nonparticipants 

Students can and should purchase the flowers directly from participating schools

Comfort & remembrance

organizations & campaigns

Comfort & remembrance


We hope you feel surrounded by much love, support, and lots of flowers. 

How can BloomInGo help in hard times

Supportive groups can ask to exchange a commemoration BloomInGo Flower for a contribution towards any family needs in hard times in effort to immediately help and support them. 

BloomInGo Flowers are the perfect lasting remembrance for anyone's true colors.  

Please help those in need 

Much is required from those to whom much is given 

for further information please contact us direct

We are here to help you

organizations & campaigns

organizations & campaigns

organizations & campaigns


Things do not happen. Things are made to happen

Nothing will make your crowed stand out, like a body of waving BloomInGo Flowers. 

Not only will everyone love our flower, but they will remember you, and love you more because of their favor BloomInGo Flower. 

Your supported by flowers

The more people see your themed colored flowers, the more they will see how many will, and have, voted for you.  

We can customize your flower to any flag, state theme, federal and branch emblems, group colors, you name it, and it is yours, in your participants hands, your colors, your flower.

Nothing will SCREAM represent you, like a flower from us


Please visit our Red, White, and Blue, American flag for reference. 

We will be next to you, when you win

your everyday hero

organizations & campaigns

organizations & campaigns


Man & woman of the hour, need a flower at any hour. 

No words could express our gratitude to your service, dedication and sacrifices that you make on a daily bases.

Thank you 


 All military, active, reserve and veterans, firefighters, police, personal or departments  will receive an exceptional discount, as a Thank You

from all of us 

Please contact us, to show you how much we appreciate you. 

love & support

fans will always show their true colors

fans will always show their true colors


Beaver Believes for life

fans will always show their true colors

fans will always show their true colors

fans will always show their true colors


Nothing says Portland, like a stadium full of flowers

We Have your Blazer Flower

fans will always show their true colors


Gooooooooooooooooo O'Mighty Ducks

We support your fans, mission, and organization


Catch our flower, if you can

We support your fans, mission, and organization

We support your fans, mission, and organization

We support your fans, mission, and organization


Timbers Army, We are here to report 

BloomInGo Flowers will eliminate all wasted expenses that trails a normal flower


Being Able To Control Your Inventory 

Easy Handling, Storing, and Distributing

Light, Easy, and Fun to Carry

Hypoallergenic and Scent Free 

Hot, Fun, enjoyed and loved by all

Durable, Sustainable, and Powerful

With our BloomInGo Flowers there are no hidden costs to your business, such as watering, stains, refrigerating, equipment, tools, transportation, multi ordering, availability, labor, waste of goods or resources of any kind.  

Very profitable


The majority of fans will be willing to pay 

$3 to $5 for our BloomInGo Flower in order to support their team and their causes every single game, with enthusiasm.  Especially when fans get to know that at the end of each game, donated flowers will be resold, and that 100% of the processed would go to the organizations community programs, such as the boys & girls club or any charity the organization chooses, if guest wish to donate their flowers.

At BloomInGo we promise to buy back donated BloomInGo Flowers from each game, proceeds will go straight to the organizations in which it was generated from, for their discretion in use as they may see fit, to their non-profit programs to benefit from. Donated BloomInGo Flowers will be used in our BloomInG Back Program in Portland Oregon.  

Please check our BloomInG Back Program for more information that may help

Its a Win Win Y'all

Our Flower, with your team colors will remind them of that day, the game and the team they love so much, and how much smiles it brings when looked upon it, anywhere at anytime, for it will always remains dear and close to your fans eyes and heart. 


We support your fans, mission, and organization

We support your fans, mission, and organization


A rink full of flowers, will make the fans Come Back