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BloomInGo's story

BloomInGo Flowers are handmade in Portland, Oregon by a United States Army Veteran. 

Our flowers consist of paper, wood, plastic, metal wire and glue and each flower weights approximately .8 ounces each.

Our BloomInGo Flowers were first unveiled in November of 2011. A hit from the start, BloomInGo Flowers were the honorable chosen center piece displayed at the Palace of the Arts in Cairo, Egypt, then afterwards they went to a private viewing in Spazio Qubi, Turin, Italy, then to the Maraya Art Center, in Sharjah - UAE, where it is still part of the Sultans collection. Later our BloomInGo Flowers were requested by the London Olympic Art community to take part during the 2012 London Olympics. 

We knew we had a winner, our biggest challenge was to mass produce our beloved flowers, so that everyone can get to enjoy them, while keeping the essence of what is loved and carried in them true.  The challenge was not easy, but the results after a few years of constructing and reconstructing were astonishing which lead us to the perfect formula so that all truly can enjoy them anywhere and everywhere.

Our product was designed and developed as a solution for businesses that are trying to increase their revenue with no risks or expenses.  

Our flowers are truly museum quality to be enjoyed by all.

I personally would like to thank every one who has inspire us, believed in us, and helped make our dream possible. 



Thank you for taking the time to visit and read about us. 

   Thank you to everyone, 

    especially Portland, 

    for being kind to us.   


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